About AlliedCert


Martin Prinsloo has been involved with Management Systems Certification since the 90's. Having worked for almost all the big CB's, Martin started his own certification body in 2005. This CB, in some way or form, through mergers, licenses sold to other CB's etc, still managed to survive. This is AlliedCert today.


It was essential to establish the vision of AlliedCert beforehand. AlliedCert needed to be a company with as little as possible overheads. This included staff and resources. AlliedCert acknowledges that the 3 most important components to a viable and effective certification body is; good leadership, respected accreditation and well respected and remunerated external service providers (trainers and auditors). Sharing this vision with Martin Prinsloo is Annemarie Pienaar, Operational Director.


AlliedCert partnered with PECB. This is a game changer. AlliedCert can now provide accredited certification and training to just about any ISO management system standard. We are working hard to increase our local auditor and trainer pool. We however only use the best of the best. PECB has very stringent approval criteria for auditors and trainers. We make it just a little bit more difficult. Only the best will do for our customers.

AlliedCert Board

AlliedCert is a Private Company with all shares being owned by the board.

Annemarie Pienaar

Operations Director